Black and White calculator calculating a budget

How to Save Money and Live Better

If you are looking to save stacks of money, then you have come to the right place! Saving money can be really hard if you do not have a plan. You need to know exactly where you money is going and how much you are using. The rest should be saved. Check out this post where I tell you about budgeting methods.

Always have a goal! Are you saving up for a car? Saving up for a house? Saving up for retirement? Something else? Write it down, figure out how much you want to save, and see how quickly you can do it.

You can break down your total amount by year, by month, or even by week! You should know all of these numbers, because it will keep you motivated. You then need to figure out how you are going to make these numbers happen. How do these numbers fit into your budget? Which budget categories can you cut back on?

Black and White calculator calculating a budget

But How?

There are two main ways to save: Make more money or spend less.
We will start with how to make more money.  You can take advantage of the gig economy that we live in, you can work retail, or you could sell a product or service.

Make Money in the Gig Economy

The gig-economy is amazing. The gig-economy is the idea that we can make money through apps and on our own schedule.  There are apps such as Rover, Wag, Postmates, DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, and Fiverr that allow you to make money through your phone.

Rover and Wag allow you to walk dogs for money! How cool is that? You sign up for these apps, go through a background check, create a profile, and then wait! These apps are a great way to make a stack of money. You get paid to walk dogs! That is awesome.

DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub, and Uber Eats are another category of apps that you can use to make lots of money.

These apps have you download a seperate app, submit your car insurance information, have a background check performed, and then they send you a bag in the mail. At that point you are ready to get started delivering food!

Anytime that you are using DoorDash, make sure that you also have PostMates, GrubHub, and Uber Eats open at the same time. This will help to ensure that you are getting the most money for your time.

You will get a bunch of orders from each app, and you can decide which ones to take and which ones to turn down. This will also stop you from having to sit to wait for an order.

Lastly, there is Uber and Lyft. These apps allow you to start delivering people! If you are able to work late Friday or Saturday nights, you can make really good money! These app’s pay rates usually go up at this time, because it is so busy.

Download the app, submit your car insurance, make sure your car qualifies, go through the background check, and start driving! Make stacks of money doing this.

Add extra features to your car such as a box of candy or a game screen if you want extra tips. These apps ask the rider to tip the driver after the ride.


If you decide to work for one of these companies, set aside at least 25% of your income each month for taxes.  The government does not automatically take the taxes out of your account, so you will have to set aside 25% so you can pay your taxes when they are due.

Make Money With Traditional Jobs

If you are more traditional, you may not want to be part of the gig-economy. If this is you, you have plenty of options as well! You could work in retail, deliver pizza for a local pizza shop, rake leaves, shovel snow, or sell something.

I still encourage you to pick the job that will make you the most money quickly. Working in retail is a great way to keep yourself motivated. I know I have trouble working if I don’t have a schedule. Most retail stores will give you a schedule that you are expected to show up for.

The only problem is you may not make very much money working in retail unless you find a really good job.

Pizza delivery side gig

Delivering pizza for a local pizza shop is a great way to make a lot of money quickly. If you deliver pizza a few nights per week you can make $1000 or more in tips alone!

The weekends are the best time to deliver since that is when it will likely be the busiest. There is no reason not to do this other than the fact that the pizza smells so good, you might get hungry on the job!

Rake leaves or shovel snow depending on the time of year. There are people, especially elderly, who are unable to rake or shovel that will pay you to take care of their lawn.

All you need to do is buy a rake or shovel and start working! Once you make enough money, if you do not want to do it by hand anymore, you can upgrade to a leaf blower or snow blower (just don’t do this if you are in debt).

Lastly, you could sell something to make stacks of money. If you are really good at making something, think about whether or not you could sell it.

You could make jewelry, woodwork, paintings, etc. Figure out something you are good at and think about how you can make money doing it.

If you can’t think of something you can make and sell, then sell things around the house. If you have TVs that you don’t use…sell them!

If you have jewelry that you don’t wear…sell it! Is there anything else that you own that you can sell?

Spend Less Money

If you are looking to save more money, then you will probably need to spend less. Shopping at Aldi or Walmart is a great way to spend less money on food. Plan out what you are going to eat that week and only buy the ingredients you need for that food.

Skip the extravagant vacation this year. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on vacation, maybe take a day trip to the beach or the mountains. Take a staycation! You don’t have to go anywhere or spend any money to take a break.

I do suggest working as much as you can, but it is okay to take a couple days off so that you can stay motivated to make stacks of money.

Invite your friends over to your house to play cards or hangout instead of going out! You do not need to spend money to have fun.

Saying the word “no” is imperative in saving money. Say “no” now so that you can say “yes” later without stressing. If your friends are asking you to go out to dinner or out to the movies just say “Sorry, I can’t. You are welcome to come over here though!”.

To Sum It Up…

If you are looking to save stacks of money, you can either work more or spend less. Saying no is hard, but it will allow you to say yes later so just do it! Work more and just save that money! You can do it.

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