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Paid Internships For Students

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By Matt Reif

Internships are one of the most important experiences you can have while in college. Whether you are looking for a marketing internship, a biology internship, or another kind of internship, do your best to get a paid one.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get a paid internship while in college?”. I created a guide for you! Since Money Tree Network is a blog that is aimed at making money less scary, I will start off by defining the word Internship.

What is an internship?  An internship is a learning opportunity where a student gains experience within a certain company or field. Internships typically last anywhere from one week to one year. They may be voluntary or a requirement for a class or graduation.

Why Should I be An Intern?

Internships are a crucial step in getting a good job after you graduate college without student loans. They allow you to meet people within the industry, get real-world experience, and a chance to apply what you have learned in school.

If you are going to intern why not make it a paid internship? Making money while in college is important so why not kill two birds with one stone? Get paid to get real world experience! The problem is that paid internships can be hard to comeby if you do not work hard to get one.

You could look at websites such as Indeed and Monster to find an internship, but who wants to look through thousands of job listings just to get a paid internship? The good news? There are a bunch of other places to look!


How Many Internships Should I Apply to?

You should apply to as many internships as you possibly can!  The more internships that you apply for, the better the chance is that you will get one.  Apply for internships near you school, apply for internships near your house, and anywhere else!

There are many paid internships out there.  They can be hard to find, but I created a guide to help you get a great paid internship.  Leverage your connections, and work hard to find the best internships. Read on to find out more.

Talk to Your Professors

Talking to your professors does a few things for you! It allows you to network a little bit while you are in college. Professors usually have great connections outside of your school. Most of them likely worked somewhere before they started working at the university.
Your professor may be able to connect you with a company they have worked for. They likely know people who still work there. Knowing somebody in the company is a great way to get your foot in the door. It is worth asking your professor if they know of any companies looking for an internship. You are also more likely to get paid at the internship if you know somebody.

Ask Your School’s Career Services Department

It is worth asking your career services department if they know of any paid internships in the area. They usually have connections in local companies who are looking for interns. They also sometimes have databases that have internships available throughout the country.

It is worth checking them out. The only problem with going to your career services department is that they do not always know whether or not the internship is paid.

I know the department at my school wasn’t sure.

I ended up getting an internship each summer while I was in college. My first two internships were unpaid, which meant that I needed to work on top of my internships.

They were some LONG days. In my last summer, I worked two paid internships and made A LOT of money that summer. My one internship was $15 per hour while the other one was $13. This was great! I worked almost full time that summer.

I got this great internship by going to the career services department on my campus. They were able to help me find a bunch of options, and then I just called each one asking if it was paid or unpaid.

Look at Internship Websites

There are websites that are focused on internships such as, LinkedIn Jobs, These websites have thousands of internships throughout the country, and they even have international internships.

Whether you are looking for a marketing internship, finance internships, biology internships, or other internships, you can find them on these websites! There are typically filters you can use to narrow down your search to internships in your field.

Leverage Your Parent’s Connections

Similar to the idea of asking your professors for internships, you can ask your parents and friends as well. They likely know people who work in different fields who would be willing to give you an internship.
Again, knowing somebody in the company can help you get a great paid internship. They would be more willing to pay you to work at their company since they know you.

To Sum It Up…

Paid internships can be very hard to find. Leveraging your connections, on-campus services, and internship websites will allow you to get a great paid internship that could potentially result in a full-time job after graduation.