17 Tips To Help You Stop Worrying About Money

So many people are struggling with money every day.  They are living paycheck-to-paycheck and trying to figure out how they are going to afford an emergency.  Most people are dealing with this because they just think they will always be worrying about money.  They think of a budget as restrictive and they don’t have the self-control that is needed to be successful with money.

At Money Tree Network, we strive to help people be successful with their finances.  We talk a lot about budgeting, managing your personal finances, and finding side hustles.

To really start to change your money mindset, you have to have a good reason to.  Whether it is to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, to help you get something that you want, or just to live a better life, changing your money mindset can really help.

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What Is A Money Mindset?

Your money mindset is the way that you feel towards your finances.  This may include how you talk about your finances, the way that you manage it, and just how often you think about it.

All of these things are super important when managing your money.

What is My Money Mindset?

We are going to start off with describing a person with a negative money mindset because I think this is important when trying to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one.

People Who Worry About Money Tend to Think…

  1. Refusing to talk about your finances with your partner

    Talking about your finances is super important when trying to change your financial mindset.  When you are married, you should combine your finances so that you can work together towards a goal.  Typically, people who do not like to talk about their finances, struggle to be successful with their money.

  2. Not looking at your finances daily or at least weekly

    Looking at your finances is critical when trying to become successful with money.  You need to see the progress that you are making.  The other reason to look at your money daily or weekly is to ensure that there are no charges that you were unaware of.
    God forbid, your debit card is stolen, you need to know immediately so that you can stop any further charges from happening.

  3. Saying you are not good with money

    Saying you are not good with money, simply means you have not learned enough about it.  Coming to Money Tree Network is a great start though!  We will help you learn how to budget and manage your finances so that you can become better with money.

  4. Saying that you will always be poor

    Nobody has to stay poor – they just have to be willing to and want to change.  Whether you need to find a different job, start budgeting, or just understand your money, you can change for the better!  Learning about your money is the key to starting managing your finances.

  5. I will always be debt

    This is one that I used to feel like all the time.  I started taking out student loans and getting car leases and didn’t think I would ever be able to recover.  That is where I was wrong!  Starting to understand my money helped me to realize that I do not have to go through life in debt.  I just had to break it down into smaller increments to make it feel manageable.

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Positive Ways to Think About Your Money

Plenty of people think of money as a secret that should not be talked about EVER.  Unfortunately, fewer people have a positive mindset about money.  This is an issue that can and should be changed.

Thinking positively about your finances will allow you to be more successful with it!  You will be able to afford the things that you want and help others do the same.

These are some things that people with positive money mindsets say or think:

  • Budgets are not restrictive – they are freeing

    Budgets are not supposed to be restrictive.  Having a budget allows you to spend money without having to worry about it.  At the beginning of the month, you set aside money for a certain thing.  When you spend it, you know there is still money for the other things you need.  As you raise your income, your budget adjusts!

  • I can go from broke to rich

    It is possible to go from broke to rich if you have the right mindset.  So many people in the world started off poor, but didn’t want to accept that.  If you work hard, you will be able to achieve your goals.  While, you may have to work a little harder than other people, it is possible and it will be worth it!

  • I can’t afford that now but I will be able to down the line

    “Not right now” needs to be a key phrase in your vocabulary if you want to become good with money.  If you are tired of being in debt, being able to say “no” is key.  If there are things that you want to do or buy, set up a sinking fund for it.
    Sometimes these are small things, other times they are big.  Let’s say you want to go bowling, start setting aside a little money each day for it, if you want a car, put aside some money each month.
    While the bowling example may seem so small, doing it frequently will add up quickly.  The $20 that you spend on bowling could go towards debt instead.

  • No thanks, I am trying to save some money

    This ties in exactly with the last thing that people who are successful with money say.  In the last one, I said that putting some money away each day is helpful, but now we are talking about just saying “no” for now.  Like I mentioned above, the $20 that you would have spent on bowling could go towards debt.
    Pay off debt and then have fun.  Once you are out of debt, some stress will be off your shoulders.  You will be able to relax when you are having fun on vacation or bowling because you know you can afford it.  I am not saying to never go bowling, I am simply saying to be careful about it.

  • I like to learn about my money instead of being clueless

    Coming to Money Tree Network is certainly a great step in learning about your money.  Wanting to learn about your money is the key though.
    When you are getting your car fixed, you should ask the mechanic to explain what they are doing, when the dentist tells you that you have a cavity, ask them to show you where it is, and of course, when you are dealing with your money, learn about what is going on!

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How To Think About Your Money and Not Worry

Next, we are going to talk about how to change from saying that you are always going to be in debt, to thinking of a budget as freeing (A.K.A going from a negative mindset to a positive one).

This will take time!

It is almost impossible to change your entire mindset overnight, so give it some time to kick in.  It will be hard at the beginning, but it will become natural!  Think positively about making your money mind positive.  Ask yourself the following questions to begin to think positively about your money.

What are my short and long term goals?

Short and long-term goals are key to improving your money mindset.  You need to think big because this will be key! By think big, I mean think about the details.  Let’s say your goal is to go on vacation.

Instead of just saying that you are saving to go on vacation, think, “I am saving to go to the Bahamas in July and I want to stay at this specific resort because…it is going to cost me $x and this is how I am going to get that money”.  Then you can even print out a picture of the resort to give you constant reminders of why you are doing what you are doing.

You may have noticed that all of these questions are kind of similar.  I did that on purpose!  Answering the same question worded a little bit differently each time, will help you reach a real conclusion.

Your “why” is the key to changing your mindset and all of these questions are aimed at figuring out your why.  If your why varies in each question, that is not a bad thing!

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17 Ways to Stop Worrying About Money

  1. Set aside to time to create a budget

    Setting aside time to create your budget every month will keep you thinking about your finances.  This is the most important step in not worrying about your money.

  2. Have weekly budget meetings

    Having weekly budget meetings is important in keeping your budget up-to-date.  As the month goes on, you have to adjust your budget.

  3. Be thankful for what you already have

    Be thankful for what you have! Don’t try to keep up with the joneses because there is a chance that they are poor and there is no reason to try to keep up!

  4. Pay off all of your debt

    When you pay off your debt, you will feel like you got a huge raise.  You won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars every month and instead, you can save it. 

  5. Use AutoPay feature of your bank

    Using AutoPay will ensure that you never miss a payment.  I suggest setting up your bill payer to pay everything a few days in advance just in case it doesn’t go through for whatever reason. 

  6. Ask yourself the above questions

    The questions that I listed above are there to help you remember why you are doing what you are doing.  If you answer each of those questions, you are more likely to stick to your budget and win with money.

  7. Set short and long term goals

    As I mentioned above, setting up short and long term goals will help you to not worry about money.  When you pay off debt and create a budget for yourself, money should become a stress-free topic!

  8. Focus on the facts

    Instead of looking at what your neighbors have, think about what you have.  Look at your income and your expenses and figure out your budget.  Focusing on only the facts will help you stick to a budget.

  9. Be aware of what you do wrong

    Let’s say that you struggle with buying too many clothes.  When you acknowledge that, you are more likely to stop doing it.  Be aware of what stops you from sticking to your budget, and try to fix it.  You will be able to stop worrying about money.

  10. Stop emotional spending

    This one is similar to the last tip.  If you can stop emotional spending, you will be able to stick to your budget.  Let’s say you lost your job or something bad happened in your life, try your best to not just spend money to make yourself feel better.  While it is OK to spend a little, try your hardest to stick to your budget and not go into debt.  I know it is really hard, but you can do it!

  11. Create an emergency fund

    Creating an emergency fund is the key to not going back into debt.  Your emergency fund is usually 3-6 months worth of expenses in a savings account.  If you put this amount of money into your savings, you will be able to go there if you have any emergencies. 

  12. Live below your means

    Living below your means will help you stop stressing about money.  Don’t go out and buy a Mercedes if you should be looking at Hondas.  Don’t go out and buy things that you cannot afford.  Having a budget will help you with this because it will tell you how much you can afford to spend on things. 

  13. Buy used cars

    According to Dave Ramsey, a new car depreciates about 9-11% as soon as you drive it off the lot.  So if you bought a $20,000 car, as soon as you drive it off the lot, you are throwing away $2,000.  Don’t waste your money on new cars! Buy used! While they do depreciate, they do not depreciate as much. 

  14. Go sit in the park

    When I say go sit in the park, I mean don’t go out to dinner with your friends.  Ask them if they want to do a picnic in the park instead.  This will save you a significant amount of money.  If it is raining, you could have them over for dinner, or you could find something else to do that is free!

  15. Track all of your expenses

    Tracking all of your expenses will help you budget.  Knowing exactly how much you spend on certain things will help you to figure out how to cut down expenses and allocate money towards that particular budget category.   

  16. Write down your goals

    Write down your short and long term financial goals!  Writing down your goals will help remind you of what they are when times get difficult.  When you first start budgeting, it will be hard to stick with it, but if you write down your goals and leave it somewhere that you look often, you will be able to do it.  You can even print out a picture of goals to help you stick to them!

  17. Talk to your partner

    Talk to your partner about your money.  Good communication between you and your partner when it comes to finances is key.  When you work together, you are usually more successful with your finances.

Why Haven’t You Been Living Like this The Whole Time?

There are many reasons that people do not like to talk about money.  Sometimes they are scared, other times they are embarrassed, and of course, there are some people who just don’t understand money.  These are all valid reasons to not talk about it, as long as they are willing to change.

Being scared of money is likely the most common reason that people do not talk about it.  They think that money is evil and should not be talked about.  Money Tree Network is here to change that mindset!

Being embarrassed of their money is another reason that people don’t like to talk about it.  Maybe they are just bad at managing their finances and are embarrassed of that.  That is ok! These people just need to learn how to properly manage their finances and live better in the future.

Lastly, not understanding their money is a reason that people use for not talking about money.  This is partially America’s fault for not teaching personal finance in highschool.  I graduated highschool knowing the proofs in geometry but not knowing how to file taxes or even how to create a budget.

That is not right, but it is the reason I created Money Tree Network

Don’t let any of these reasons be the reason that you don’t talk about money!  Shifting your mind from negative to positive is key!

To Sum It Up…

To sum it up…understanding your finances will help you to shift your financial mindset from negative to positive.  Don’t let fright, embarrassment, or lack of knowledge be the reason that you don’t talk about your money.  Ask yourself the right questions to help you accomplish all of your goals and be able to go from broke to rich in no time.

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