Tips for Saving Money

If you are looking for tips for saving money then you came to the right place!  Money Tree Network gives you ideas like shopping at discount grocery stores, shopping at specific stores, meal prepping, using cashback apps, and much more! We will start off with some of my favorite grocery stores including Aldi, Walmart, and …

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Giving Back on A Budget

If you are in college or are a recent graduate, you are probably asking how can I give back to my community while I am trying to get out of debt?  Well you came to the right place!   Giving back to the college that you go to or community that you are living in can …

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Tips On How To Budget

I know exactly how scary budgeting can be. You don’t know where to start, what budget categories are, or what different percentages you should be using for your budget. It can be hard to get started, but once you do it will start to become easier!  The more practice you put in, the easier it …

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