37 Best Personal Finance Blogs That you Need to Read TODAY!

Are you looking for some of the best personal finance blogs around today? I created ones that taught and inspired me, ones that I look at almost every day now, and even some brand new personal finance blogs.

We go through the top 37 personal finance blogs out there! Check it out today.

Making Sense of Cents


Michelle created one of my favorite personal finance blogs out there.  Her blog, Making Sense of Cents, talks about budgeting, investing, and of course making money!  

She started it to help her track her student loan payments, but it has become one of the largest personal finance blogs in the niche.  Check her out here! 

Money Under 30


Money Under 30 was created by David Weliver all the way back in 2006 when he finally got himself out of $80,000 of debt in just 3 years.  
They give you ways to get out of debt, stick to a budget, and even start investing!  You can find out more here

Millennial Money Man


Millennial Money was created by Bobby Hoyt.  His story is similar to mine in that after paying off student loans, he became super passionate about personal finance and wanted to continue to learn.  

He decided to teach his students personal finance lessons but at the same time, he was creating his blog.  Fast forward to today, and he is one of the biggest personal finance blogs in the industry! 

Millennial Money


Grant was one of the people who inspired me to create Money Tree Network.  He is the founder of Millenial Money which he started back in 2015.  

Since then, he has been featured on various platforms because he talks about making money, budgeting, finding insurance, and of course…retiring early! You can learn more about Grant, by visiting Millenial Money

Budgets are Sexy


The day I came across Budgets are Sexy, I thought it was an odd name but it caught my attention.  Joel, A.K.A J. Money, started his blog back in February of 2008 to talk about his journey to hitting $1 million. 

After just 11 years, he hit his goal by writing about budgeting, saving, and much more!  You can check out Budgets are Sexy here.

Think Save Retire


ThinkSaveRetire was created by Steve and his wife, Courtney back in 2016 with dreams of early retirement.  They have been featured in media sites such as CBS, Forbes, CNBC, and more! 

You can learn more about Think Save Retire by checking out their website

Modest Money


Modest Money was created by Richard Torres and Jeremy Biberdorf to help people learn how to invest and retire early!  They are one of the go-to investment blogs.  

Learn about Modest Money here. 

Money Crashers


Money Crashers is another blog that inspired me to create Money Tree Network.  This blog was founded by Andrew Schrage and Gyutae Park.  They are 2 money experts that came together to create this great blog.  

You can learn more about them here

Get Rich Slowly


J.D. Roth, created Get Rich Slowly in 2006 to help people learn how to get out of debt.  He, many of us, created his blog to help other people avoid the problems that he has faced…graduating from college with loads of debt. 
Get more information here.

Physician On Fire


Physician on Fire was created by Leif to talk about the FIRE movement.  She says that by age 43, she was able to retire comfortably after just 13 years in her career. 

She writes a Sunday Best round up post once per week to highlight some of the best personal finance articles out there.  You can learn more about her here

My Wife Quit Her Job


My Wife Quit Her Job was created by Steve and Jennifer to help them talk about how they live in Silicon Valley on a single income.  They share the knowledge, expertise, and mistakes that they share to help you grow your money.  

Check them out!

Busy Budgeter


Busy Budgeter was created by Rosemarie to help people learn how to budget.  She paid off over $30,000 and cut her spending by $23,000 p/yr.  Now she talks about how to budget, how to get a job you like, and how to spend time with loved ones without spending money. 

You can learn more about Busy Budgeter here. 

Arrest your Debt


Arrest Your Debt was founded by a first responder who just wants you to be able to enjoy your life by managing your money correctly.  This blog features over 200 posts and is updated weekly! 

Learn more about Arrest Your Debt here

Retire By 40


Retire By 40 was created back in 2010 to help answer the question of “Is it really possible to quit your career by the time you are 40?”. This blog, like many others, focuses on the FIRE movement that talks about financial Independence and Retiring Early.  

You can see more about Retire By 40 here.  



Monevator was created in 2007 to help people learn how to invest in the market!  While they aim to inspire you instead of telling you what to do, they do give some really good investing advice!

Learn more about them here. 

Penny Pinchin Mom


Penny Pinchin Mom was created by Tracie to help others learn how she got out of over $35,000 in debt in just 2 years! 
Learn more about Tracie and Penny Pinchin Mom here.

Saving Dollars and Sense


Saving Dollars and Sense was created in 2007 by Kristie to help encourage others to live frugally.  She has created posts about saving money, recipes, living simply and frugally, and more! Learn more about Tracie and Saving Dollars and Sense here.

Mr. Money Mustache


No best personal finance blog list would be complete without Mr. Money Mustache.  This is one of the classic personal finance blogs that has helped so many people.  It was created in 2011 to help Mr. Money Mustache’s friends and family go from broke to rich.  

Check out Mr. Money Mustache here

Flex Cents


FlexCents was created by Art in 2018 to help people learn how to live frugally and retire early.  He paid off $150,000 of student loan debt and had to work super hard to do it.  He and his wife are currently striving towards financial independence.  
Learn more about Flex Cents here.

Passive Income Pursuit


Passive Income Pursuit was created to help people learn how to earn money while they are sleeping.  They have created posts about dividend income, low-cost robo-advising, and much more!

Learn more about Passive Income Pursuit here.  

Eat Financial Elephant


Eat the Financial Elephant was created to help this couple share their journey successes and failures.  They teach you how to get out debt little bits at a time and are there to help you! Check them out here. 

Personal Finance Blogs


Personal Finance Blogs was created to help you learn about the best personal finance bloggers in the niche.  They Have daily article features, weekly blogger features, and personal finance blog article feeds. 
Check them out here.

Camp Fire Finance


Camp Fire Finance was created as a content curation site in addition to a personal finance website.  They want to improve lives and help personal finance bloggers reach new readers. 
Check them out here.

Financial Mechanic


Finance Mechanic was created to help people achieve financial freedom so that they don’t have to rely on others for income.  They believe that once you believe financial freedom, you really start to live your best life.  
Learn more about them here.

Early Retirement Now


Early Retirement Now was created by Big Ern, also known as Karsten.  He created this blog to help you learn how to retire early!  They talk about safe withdrawal rates, emergency funds, and much more. 
Check them out here.

Fiery Millennials


Fiery Millennials was created by Gwen to share her journey to financial independence.  She is there to help other millennials achieve financial freedom and be able to retire early…who doesn’t want that???

Learn more here.

She Picks Up Pennies


She Picks Up Pennies was created to help people live purposefully, deliberately, and of course frugally!  They believe that you can never stop learning!  Learn more about them by clicking here.

Broke Is A Choice


Broke is a choice was created by Alex back in 2017 to help people by writing, helping people, and making genuine friendships! He helps people learn how to go from broke to rich so check them out here.

1500 Days


1500days was created in 2017 to encourage, inspire, and teach people about their money.  They have posts about budgeting, saving money, and so much more! Check them out by clicking here.

Tell me about some of your favorite personal finance blogs in the comments section below!

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  1. There are very few bloggers who talk about challenges of living in HCOL areas. I like FinancialFreedomCountdown.com and FinancialSamurai.com as they both are based in SF.

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