Smartphone with apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp and more

Best Money Making Apps: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know people who don’t own a smartphone? Probably not many! Pew Research says that 81% of all American’s own a smartphone! With the rise of smartphones, comes the rise of different apps whether from the Google Play store or the Apple App store.

There are millions of FREE apps available on each platform and some of them can help you earn money. There are apps such as Rover, DoorDash, Scholly, DealHack, Venmo, Mint, Chegg, Honey, and many others available to help you make, save, and manage your money.

I am going to run through some of the most useful (and FREE) apps that are available on the market.


Rover is an app that allows you to get jobs walking dogs in your area. Anyone looking for a dog sitter or dog walker can use the Rover website or app to look for someone to take care of their dog.

To become a dog sitter or walker, you can sign up on the website or app, allow them to run a background check on you, and then you can start walking dogs! Earning money to hang out with dogs? I’m in.

White and brown dog sitting in front of orange screen.


I love DoorDash! All you have to do is register online, allow them to run a background check, and then start delivering food!

If you decide to sign up for DoorDash, I also suggest signing up for Stride which will track all of the miles that you drive while making deliveries for DoorDash. Since your miles are tax deductible, you will be able to save some money in the long run by downloading the simple app and using it.


Scholly has thousands of scholarships available on their platform that you can apply for.  You can use the filter option to narrow the scholarships down to only the ones that you would be eligible for. This will help you to graduate from college without student loans.

Whether you are looking for undergraduate, graduate school, or postmaster school scholarships, it can’t hurt to apply for as many scholarships as you can! Who doesn’t want free money?

Deal Hack

Deal Hack has lists upon lists of companies that offer student discounts. Companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify offer discounts to you if you are a student. You can save stacks of money by using DealHack! Companies offer as much as 50% off their products if you are a student.

Who doesn’t love to save money just because they are a student? You can adjust your budget based on all of the money that you can save using this app!

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Venmo is an app that almost every college student should have downloaded on their smartphones. Venmo allows you to transfer money to your friends and family. Since many students have it on their phones already, you might as well download it as well!

While Venmo certainly is not the only money transferring app available on the market, it is the most popular. Many banks and credit unions have their own way of transferring money as well (I suggest checking this option out first, because the bank or credit union will be able to know exactly where your money is if it is lost and is more secure in general).

The other money transferring app that is relatively popular is CashApp. This app is not as popular as Venmo, but it works in almost exactly the same way.


Managing your money is VERY important while in college. Apps such as Mint and EveryDollar allow you to track all of your money and create a budget for yourself on their platforms.

You can hook these apps up to your bank account, and they will track when you are spending money and how much you are spending.

There are many other apps out there that will do this as well, but these are two of the most reputable ones.

Smartphone with apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp and more


This is my favorite place to buy textbooks from. They are usually the cheapest place to buy or rent a textbook. They usually include coupons for different products and sometimes you even get a call at the semester from the CEO of Chegg.

You can use these coupons to save money on food, technology, and much more. Sometimes they include product samples (like charcoal toothpaste or redbull) in their packages as well. Of course make sure they are the cheapest option before you buy or rent from them, but usually they will be.


Get the Google Chrome extension, Honey, to start saving money immediately! Honey searches the internet for coupons and promo codes that are available for whatever you are purchasing. It works well if you buying something from Chegg, Walmart, or most other popular online stores. You can save stacks of money by using this extension so why not do it?

To Sum It Up…

There are many FREE apps that are available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store to help you make, save, and manage your money.  You should download all of these apps immediately to start making, saving, and managing your money!

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