How to Spend Less Money Through a No Spend Challenge

I hear, “I want to figure out how to spend less money” and “What is a no spend challenge?” all the time. You are not alone if you think saving money can be a pain or just plain hard.

I completely understand why you feel like that because that is how I felt at one point in my life as well! I created Money Tree Network to help others learn how to budget and manage their finances successfully.

Today, I am here to explain how to save money using the no spend challenge, and how I like to implement the no spend challenge in my life.

How to Create Short and Long Term Financial Goals

Are you starting to think about short or long term financial goals? Today, we are going to review what this really means, how to create them, and some of my favorite financial goals. We will start with explaining short term financial goals and then move into the long term goals later on.

Ultimate Guide to Your Credit Score

Building your credit score in the United States can be a frustrating game. You don’t want to go into more debt, but you need your credit score to get car insurance, a home mortgage, or sometimes even a cellphone…but how do you do this?

Before we go into how to build credit without a credit card, we need to understand what a credit score is, and what makes up your score.

$25 An Hour is How Much a Year

Today, I hope that you learned how to calculate your yearly income based on your hourly wage. I also hope that you learned 5 different ways to increase your income. To calculate your yearly income just double your hourly wage and add 3 zeros. While this will not get to the exact dollar amount, it will get you really close.